Hello, I’m Sharon!

I am a UK freelance writer. Some 15+ years ago, I started writing articles about health.

My articles have appeared in national and international publications, including Nursing Times, Good Housekeeping, enVoyage In-flight Magazine, The Online Journal of Sport Psychology, Independence Educational Publishers, Livestrong, eHow, Healthfully, Suite101, and more.

Sharon Kirby

I have created content about numerous health-related subjects, and I have a strong track record of producing well-researched, clear, and concise content for books, magazines, blogs, and websites.

I strive to understand your writing requirements, and my focus is on crafting high-quality articles tailored to your specifications.

I offer the following skills and services:

  • Conducting in-depth research on content and statistics, using credible sources
  • Writing clean, error-free copy for your online or print materials
  • Paying excellent attention to detail
  • Thoroughly editing and proofreading content for grammar, clarity, readability and accuracy
  • Delivering content within agreed-upon deadlines
  • Solid knowledge of SEO best practices
  • Optimising content for improved online visibility and rankings in search engine result pages
  • Proficiency in WordPress, writing and editing software, HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of Canva for creating social media content

My educational background includes:

  • MSc in Sports Science from Essex University
  • BSc (Hons) in Psychology from Essex University

I also have a TQUK Certificate in Digital Marketing, which has given me a strong understanding of the role of social media platforms, email campaigns, search engine optimisation and digital marketing for business.

Please check out my portfolio!

Aside from this website, I also run Baby Essentials List, a blog for new parents who are preparing for their first baby.

So if you need great content from a self-motivated, enthusiastic, reliable writer, and I sound like someone you want to work with, then let’s get in touch!

But before you go, here are some useless facts about me:

  • I own a pet cat, but to be honest, she owns me
  • I have two children, and they own me as well
  • I am a pescatarian
  • My favourite vegetable is asparagus
  • My favourite colour is green
  • I am so bad at bowling, it’s embarrassing

Thank you for taking an interest in working with me. 😀